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​Microsoft Dynamics AX (DAX)

​​Infrastructure Design

The design of the DAX infrastructure is the key starting point to ensuring you have an efficient, effective and functional system. Ensuring the correct level of redundancy is included to meet the systems requirements, along with the correct number of servers, and appropriate amount of resources, to ensure the users and the volume of transactions can be handled by the system is important.

It is also important to ensure there is a scaling and monitoring strategy to ensure the future growth of the system have a plan to ensure the functionality of the system will continue to perform as expected.

Typical services that might be requested:​

​​Complete system design including the scaling and monitoring strategy

System Design

Scaling and monitoring strategy

System Design Review


The development of a DAX system can involve a number areas, core DAX development using X++, report writing either in the DAX environment for older versions or using SSRS for DAX2012 and enterprise portal for web interfaces.

Developments play an important part of the system. They allow the system to be customised ensuring the system will perform as necessary to meet the customer's needs. These customisations however, if not designed well or programmed efficiently, will impact the systems performance and can in worst case cause the system to lock up.

​Typical services that might be requested:

Code development with X++

Reporting development with either X++ or SSRS

Enterprise portal development

Troubleshooting development or system issues

Data validation and fixing

Patch installation

Cumulative Update installation

Version Upgrades​

Busin​​ess Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is a powerful way to extract and analyse large amounts of data, of which data can come from multiple sources. To get the most from this powerful tool you need to spend time understanding the requirements of the reports and how they will be used and analysed. This can be accomplished be reviewing the data and if necessary changing the system setup so you can achieve​ the desired goal.

Typical services that might be requested:

Complete BI design and implementation

BI design

BI implementation

BI review​


Many customers today have other systems that need to be integrated with their DAX system. This might be a website, another system, or electronic connector to suppliers or customers.

There are a number of approaches to integration with the following being the standard approaches; using the DAX systems Application Integration Framework (AIF) and services. The AIF allows data to be transmitted or received in various formats, and can handle fairly high volumes of data. Services are a great way to integrate systems that support web-services, and provide a handshake style connection between the systems.

Typical services that might be requested:

Complete Integration design and implementation

Integration design

Integration implementation

Integration review​

Performance Tuning

The performance of the system can be important. Sometimes customers face issues where parts of the DAX system are not performing effectively and causing problems for the user(s).

​Typically most customers have a few areas of the system they feel are not performing. By rectifying these issues the systems overall performance will often improve. The tuning process is normally undertaken on an individual business process, where the before and after timings can be recorded to document the impact to the system.

Typical services that might be requested:

Review a business process for performance​

Entire System Review

The entire system review includes an analysis of the infrastructure, and a review of the design and implementation of the customisations.

Typical services that might be requested:

Entire System review

Customisations design review

Customisations implementation review​

Im​​plementation Recovery

At times an implementation will be considered to have failed or failing. This can be before or after the system is live. It is important to get the system back on track, and if already live it can be critical for stabilisation​​.

Typical services that might be requested:

Resolve open issues

Stabilise system​​​